Perhaps you think that one drink is not very different from another, but, each glass panel, from the windshield to the sliding roof, has different characteristics, composition, and technologies.

From the oldest to the most modern models, you can see the differences and advances in the technology of glasses for cars. Sensors incorporated into the windshield, automatic sliding roofs, infrared glass, technology advances and covers much more than drink.

We have compiled a guide with all types of car glasses so you can become familiar with the features and technologies available for your vehicle. Use these guides to learn more about the different types of automotive glass and the cutting-edge technologies that apply to each of them. From the various parts and designs to the most recent innovations in modern vehicles.

Glass Guide For Cars

When it comes to car windows, there is no universal size. Nor is there a global type. For instance, did you realize that there are a few kinds of windshield glass or that the small window next to the regular window is called triangular?

The technicians of Safelite know a lot about this topic, but anyway, it is essential that you have a basic knowledge of the glasses of your vehicle. The current automotive market produces increasingly advanced and better-equipped cars. Here we will let you know about all the types of glass that could be included in your vehicle.

Technologies You Will Find In Your Car

For most modern vehicles, glass is no longer just glass. The lenses for the car of today have a set of advanced technologies. These technologies were designed to preserve your safety at the wheel, detecting hazards and alerting you to obstacles you may encounter along the way.

All these technologies integrated with the windscreen and in other glasses have revolutionized the safety of the driver. These advances also include engraving the vehicle’s identification number on the windshield glass.